Nothing is more personal than a bath sponge, used everyday to pamper yourself, in a private moment of tranquility, moments where we find ourselves grateful for all we have and by thinking of ways to make someone else's life better by the little things we do.

As a company, The Beauty Company has created "Pink is Perfect™" As a brand it is dedicated to raising Research Funds for the National Breast Cancer Foundation. We are contributing 10% of our sales for our Pink is Perfect™ items and will continually research and identify new product opportunities to keep the brand fresh and new in the marketplace.

Bringing to the consumer a premium quality "bath sponge" with the knowlege that for each purchase they make, a portion will be going towards Breast Cancer Research is a very important motivator to purchase.

One by 1, Dollar by $, we believe this program has the potential to a be a significant contributor towards what we believe will be a "CURE" for breast cancer in the forseeable future.

Please stand with us to make "everyday a good day to make a difference, to believe in and be part of the cure"

POINTS: All packages are Peggable and available on Clip Strip, Floor Display, Shelf PDQ, or in Regular Cartons.

We are proud of being a North American Sponge Manufacturer who produces sponges from raw materials made in the U.S.A. This combined with our unyeilding commitment to quality and making products the costumer will be delighted to use, make The Beauty Company a leading supplier to major brands, distributors and retailers alike.