Greening It Up

DOWNLOAD PDF | Sep 08, 2008

GREENING IT UP has been our thrust in new production development among all our categories for 2009. We invested in developing many new materials and products to increase our ongoing initiative to be a more responsible manufacturer.

The heart of all of our products is the materials we use in the manufacturing process. We have developed a targeted variety of key NATURAL MATERIALS and incorporated them into Quality Products.

- EcoNat Foam™

- Natural Ground Walnut Shell Buff

- Natural Plant Pulp Cellulose Sponge

- SooSoft™ Soyfoam

- Natural Needlepoint Cotton

- 100% Cotton Burlap

The Beauty Company Inc. has always operated under the premise of minimizing landfill contribution with over 80% of our manufacturing waste redirected for re-manufacturing. We are proud that our Customers have supported our mission and have readily accepted our policy of diversion. Our mission remains to continue our drive towards awareness of excesses in packaging and will continue to champion the environmental causes in our small way.

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