The Beauty Company Proudly Launches Its Website

DOWNLOAD PDF | Nov 02, 2008

More than just products, this website has been designed for both our customers and those who are interested in learning what we as a company have to offer as a Supply Partner.

The Beauty Company is a specialist in all that’s beauty in cosmetic and bath sponges for every member of the family. We design products created from upcoming trends and sound Customer insights learned from ongoing and dedicated market research. Our only business is sponges, applicators, exfoliating buffs and related products which is why we are the Experts in this industry.

Over 30 years experience has taught us what is required of every type of applicator and sponge we manufacture. We understand the broad complexities of the wide variety of materials on the market and how each is applied in the product we make from it. Authentication is very important to us as we continue to protect the integrity of the best quality materials and workmanship, which today remains the standard the professional industry demands.

As an enduring and passionate supporter of 100% Synthetic SBR Latex, for the past 10 years we have resisted the temptation to offer the lower priced urethane cosmetic foam. With this decision, we paid for it through sales, which is your testament to our commitment to Quality and the protection of what we continue to believe is the best material available for the Cosmetic Industry.

As trends change and facts are clarified, going into 2009, there is a resurgence of “NR Natural Latex”. Some 30 years ago, we began in this business when NR was the material of choice. We invite you to read the included Press Release on “NATURAL LATEX”, which provides the background and chronology on its demise in the ‘90’s. It explains how today it is known that NATURAL LATEX HAS NO ALLERGY RISKS.

We invite you to visit this website to learn What’s New, What’s Hot, learn all about the latest Materials and most importantly, how we can partner with you to drive Customer loyalty, sales and gross margin dollars.

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