Naturals in 2009

DOWNLOAD PDF | Nov 03, 2008

2009 begins a new Era of Naturals, not because they’re trendy, but because our world needs it. Our obligation as a Manufacturer is to do our best to create products made from materials that are more naturally oriented, safer to produce and gentler on the environment. In early 2007 we began our mission and are pleased to launch our new Naturals.

For 2009 and beyond, we will be making all our bath sponges out of our new enviro-foam called “EcoNat Foam™”, a soybean oil based foam.

We are pleased to announce a new proprietary foam called “SooSoft EcoNat Foam™”, combining baby softness with natural soybean oil to deliver a new breed of bath and baby foam that redefines the category.

Natural non-allergenic ground Walnut Shells incorporated into our Buff gives a gentle but effective exfoliating surface and our Walnut Foot Sponge exfoliates old skin gently but effectively. As nature intended it, it’s strong and lasts.

One of our featured new natural materials is our 100% Needlepoint Cotton. Made from only the best 5% of farmed USA cotton. It is needle pointed into an extra soft and durable cloth we use in a variety of our products. Extra gentle because each tuft stands rather than laying flat as most cottons are. Completely washable and dryable – it lasts like no other.

At The Beauty Company we have always demanded the premium quality cosmetic grade natural cellulose for our cleansing and body sponge products. Made from natural plant pulp, our specifications required NO anti-microbial pesticides are used in the material instead with use a natural mineral salt solution to protect the sponge from bacteria growth.

Please visit “Our Products” section of the website to see many of products made from these raw materials. We will continue to look for new naturals and work with our suppliers both existing and new to develop better and better natural and environmentally progressive raw materials for our products.

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