Our new line of Kids Sponges targeted at the 4-13 age group, features Fun and Funky bath sponges and our Squiggly Bath Mitt that are as the package says “Just too Cool not to use”.

Our proprietary SooSoft™ Foam with the ultra soft fleece comes in the hottest new patterns. This line was developed to bring excitement & imagination to the bath and shower while being one of the best sponges on the market today.

The brilliantly coloured and soft Bath Mitt is innovative and just plain fun. Research has gone into the development of this line, which captures the values and motivations of kids today.

Our first series of “Way Cool Kids™” Sponge Shapes and Patterns has shown a 77% intent to buy among surveyed consumers.

We are proud of being a North American Sponge manufacturer who produces sponges from raw materials made in the U.S.A. and Canada. This combined with our unyeilding commitment to quality, delivers products the customer will be delighted to use. The Beauty Company is a leading supplier to major brands, distributors and retailers alike with private label capabilities.